The Watts Waters’ family of companies comprises global manufacturers who understand that, as OEMs, you’re looking for the highest-quality custom-engineered solutions. Consider our list of strengths:

Solutions & Capabilities

WWT - OEM - Solutions & Capabilities

Our products range from simple under-sink water connectors to large rainwater harvesting systems. But we also offer OEMs high-quality and innovative design, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.

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Expertise & Know-How

WWT - OEM - Expertise & Know-How

Our R&D teams know that in order to design, develop, and test the products we create for our OEM customers it’s imperative to employ the most advanced design systems. Experience what this long tradition of engineering excellence and innovation could do for your product.

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World-Class Manufacturing

WWT - OEM - World-Class Manufacturing

Once approved, an OEM’s new product specifications are delivered to our global network of world-class manufacturing facilities and personnel. We offer a robust range of manufacturing facilities, from our new Lead Free foundry to control board manufacturers to regional distribution specialists.

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Process Flexibility

WWT - OEM - Process Flexibility

Our focus on operational excellence takes many forms, but high on our list is our dedication to the concept of continuous improvement. As an OEM customer, we invite you to experience the streamlined process, higher quality, better compliance, and, ultimately, a product that’s faster to market.

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