Data Synchronization & the GDSN

Providing accurate and complete product information is an important part of our business. Our diverse product offerings can be described or characterized in a number of different ways. To organize and store this product data, we manage a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

One way we share this product information with our trading partners is via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). GDSN enables secure system-to-system transmissions of standardized product data between trading partners governed by GS1, a global organization that provides data governance, standards development and education for a wide range of industries.

To join the GDSN and receive product data, a trading partner must:

  1. Select a GS1 certified data pool
  2. Agree with a trading partner to exchange product data
  3. Subscribe to products by item (GTIN) or manufacturer (GLN)

We have chosen 1SYNC as our GS1 certified data pool for all our brands. 1SYNC stores our compliant product information, including product descriptions, dimensions, weights, and classification codes. We strongly encourage our trading partners to consider the GDSN as their product data source, as this enables trading partners to electronically share standardized product data in a timely fashion.

IDSS Pilot Project

Recently the rough plumbing industry took a step forward in the adoption of the GDSN as a primary vehicle for electronically sharing product data between trading partners. The Industry Data Simplified Synchronization (IDSS) pilot program (of which Watts Water was a founding team participant) was successful in proving that data synchronization works for our industry. Principal benefits noted in the team’s report were:

  • Reduced time spent on repetitive order and item entry
  • Reduced operational inefficiencies due to incorrect product data
  • Reduced delay in new item introduction to potential buyers

Download a copy of the IDSS pilot program white paper.

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